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We're often asked if we are French, or if we only organise travel to France—because of our name.

La Petite means “small” and our aim is to be small enough to know who our customers are, but large enough to offer great savings, inspiring travel products, and the kind of service only a boutique agency can offer.

La Petite Travel Agency is the culmination of over 15 years of airline industry experience and a lifetime of travel by Director Michaela Conomos. Michaela’s field of expertise (Procurement) took a backseat as she took “a year off” in her early twenties to become a flight attendant for Australia’s national carrier.

Never one for backpacking, she traveled the world in first-class and enjoyed some of the world’s finest hotels in the most exotic destinations. She has visited more cities, more regularly than most.  Experiencing amazing adventures from African safaris to the German Oktoberfest, her flying adventures are worthy of publishing.

With a particular love of history, her travels have taken her from crumbling Irish castles to behind-the-ropes tours of Capitol Hill in Washington (think House of Cards) and every café and bar in between. One year turned into five years, and the rest, they say, is a book in the making!

Returning to Procurement, she was the Category Manager of Cabin Interior for the same airline and knows every inch of every aircraft type there is.  She is a seat guru!

Michaela has a penchant for shopping and her personal record stands at 27 hours straight while on her honeymoon in New York over Thanksgiving weekend—she knows where to shop! From high-end designer shoes to bargain basements, Michaela has shopped in Los Angeles, London, Paris, New York, and everywhere in between. Knowing when, how, and where to shop is an area of her expertise.

Her love of fine dining and local culture has seen her eat at Michelin-starred restaurants, small Italian delicatessens, and Greek Yia Yia's kitchens alike. Her love of all things French has seen her travel from one side of the country to the other, stopping at most vineyards in between. From all corners of Europe, including snow-capped mountains in Switzerland to relaxing in a private pool on Santorini, Michaela has experienced many of the world’s top destinations firsthand.

Married to a keen sportsman, Michaela has combined her love of travel with their mutual love of sport attending Wimbledon, Roland Garros, American baseball, American football, ice hockey, the English Premier League, and the Tour de France. Attending the 2014 American Super Bowl 6 months pregnant was a particular highlight!

With Augusta next on the list, Michaela never passes up an opportunity to experience the best world sporting events live. She knows how to get tickets to the events you want to see!

In 2014, Michaela welcomed her son and a new chapter of luxury travel emerged. Her little boy racked up over 150 flights in his first 5 years and has an impressive passport full of stamps. Never one to shy away from an opportunity to spread their wings, Michaela and her husband simply found a new way to travel (just with more luggage!).

Michaela volunteered at the Australian Fearless Flyers Association where people with a fear of flying are coached to not only be able to board a flight but to enjoy the experience and everything travel has to offer. She is very sensitive to these clients’ needs.

All forms of travel are of interest to Michaela from luxury family travel, shopping experiences, once-in-a-lifetime “moons” (honeymoons, babymoons, Mummy-and-Daddy moons), sporting bucket list tours, cruising and discerning mature travel.

We look forward to wishing you: “Bon Voyage"